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VAT Registration for Amazon Sellers

Polish VAT Registration for German Amazon Sellers

To enable you to be a German Amazon Seller in Poland you will have to establish your business, which means registering for Polish VAT. VAT Registration enables you to charge and recover appropriate Polish VAT, where applicable.

Many clients of amavat Services Poland are foreign Amazon Sellers from other European Union (EU) countries, and even from outside the EU.

amavat Services Poland can effectively handle this VAT registration process for Amazon dealers in Poland, as well as the further Polish VAT compliance. All correspondence is done in German or English languages and mostly the information is exchanged via email. amavat Services Poland provides the Amazon Sellers with all relevant information about Polish VAT affairs and also handles the correspondence with the Polish tax authorities on behalf of the Amazon Sellers.

Why might VAT Registration be necessary?

  • Supplying online sales to private individuals or companies
  • Delivering goods/products to local customers from a warehouse based in another country
  • Importing goods

VAT Registration Applications

To create VAT Registration, you need to apply and register directly with the Polish tax authorities. The Polish tax authorities will often have questions and queries surrounding this process, this is where amavat Services Poland provide the necessary local expertise and necessary language skills, to ensure you are making the right and correct decisions for your business.

amavat Services Poland will assist you to achieve VAT Registration compliance:

1. Review your international business activity

VAT legislation varies between countries, so it is essential that business activity is reviewed in each country where you are trading to identify whether a VAT Registration is appropriate.

2. Get VAT Registered

If your business activity does make you liable to register for VAT, it is important that this is put in place as soon as possible, so that your business is able to invoice clients correctly, and avoid risks of fines and penalties.

3. Ensure your invoices are compliant

Once you are VAT registered, you will need to charge the appropriate VAT rate to your clients, and pay this over to the Polish tax authority.

Things to consider include:

  • Customer information
  • Supplier information
  • Transaction details
  • Exemptions
  • The Reverse Charge

4. Ensure you are submitting the correct reports

Once registered you will need to submit Polish VAT returns, but Intrastat declarations and Sales Lists may also be required. Requirements for reporting vary between countries, as does the frequency of required reports.

5. VAT Payments and Reclaims

Where you are reclaiming Polish VAT incurred through your VAT return, it is important to ensure that the VAT has been charged to you correctly – if you have paid the VAT in error, you may have problems recovering it.

Where you need to pay VAT over to Polish tax authorities, you will need to consider all the timescales. There can be significant fines and penalties if you miss your VAT payments.

6. Distance selling / Threshold

Amazon Sellers will trade goods from another EU country to Polish private customers and must not have a turnover of more than PLN 160,000.00 in a calendar year. After reaching this threshold, a Polish VAT registration for the Amazon Seller is required.

7. Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) package / Amazon Fulfilment service

logo-amazon-mini-2The Amazon Seller will use the Polish FBA Package or the Amazon Fulfilment Service. The goods are located at an Amazon´s warehouse in Poland and sent to the customers directly from the Polish warehouse. If the delivery into the warehouse is from another EU country, for example, Germany or a country from outside the EU, these are intra-community purchases or imports. The sales from the warehouse to the customers are subject to the Polish VAT. The Amazon Seller will need a Polish VAT registration.

8. Polish warehouse

The Amazon Seller will have their own warehouse in Poland. The deliveries into the warehouse from another EU country or a country from outside the EU are intra-community purchases or imports. The sales from the warehouse to the customers are subject to the Polish VAT. The Amazon Seller will need a Polish VAT registration.

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